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VP Information Systems/CIO

Financial Services, Professional Services World class, major new system development and implementation for global corporations

Career Summary
Early career with major global consulting firm, rising from Programmer to Engagement Manager, leading significant technology and re-engineering programs for major US and global banking clients.  Recruited by client, a global financial services firm, as Vice President to champion and manage ground-breaking, world class, major new system developments. Most recently, lead consultant with professional services firm.
Track Record
  • As a consultant, retained by major beverage corporation in senior executive support role to manage strategic architecture programs, and to support the transition of the North American operations to a shared services model and to offshore support – reducing staffing by 1,000 and driving $300 million in annual cost-savings;
  • Previously, as Vice President with global financial services firm, led teams of up to 150 and managed annual budgets of some $60 million. Highlights include:
    • Developed leading-edge Web-based applications, tools and online products including brokerage, banking and financial services Website Hub with client and advisor self-servicing capabilities;
    • Conceptualized, championed, gained C-level approval, and led the development of the largest single investment ($100 million) for the company at that time;
    • Championed and led the implementation of portfolio-based operations support - to optimize system performance and reduce costs;
    • Championed and gained management buy-in to a move to systems-oriented architecture to reduce costs/improve efficiency;
    • A leading advocate within the corporation for the off-shoring of systems development – establishing a template for the successful management of remote support operations.
  • Early career with leading consulting firm, earning multiple promotions to become Engagement Manager on major $10 million + assignments for largely banking/financial services clients.
Education + Affiliations
BS, Information Systems

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CIO/CTO with a fast moving company where IT is an integral part of the  company's competitive strategy


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