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President / SVP Sales and Marketing

Consumer and Industrial Products: USA and Europe P&L responsibility for businesses ranging in size up to $600 million

Career Summary
As President/SVP Sales and Marketing has enjoyed considerable success with major global corporations engaged in consumer and industrial products, with P&L responsibility for businesses ranging in size up to $600 million. Comfortable working internationally with multiple cultures. Lived and worked in Brussels when President of $300 million revenue industrial products business, a subsidiary of $20 billion diversified US corporation.
Track Record
  • As President of XX Company's European Division, held full P&L responsibility for a $600 million business unit, growing profits by 25% over three years.
  • As Senior Vice President, Sales, Marketing and International of $500 million revenue US-based industrial products company, halted decline in international sales and increased sales in Solutions business by 35%. Increased sales and profits in core sales division by restructuring the sales organization and through the introduction of advanced category analysis techniques.
  • Previously, enjoyed a fast moving career with $20 billion consumer and industrial products business , joining as Marketing Manager, then promoted on average every two years, along the way, becoming:
    • Brand Manager for the XXXX Product Group;
    • Sales and Marketing Director, Key Accounts, with P&L responsibility for consumer and industrial product sales to retail giants including Wal-Mart, Kmart, Target, Meijer, Sam’s Club, Costco, BJ’s;
    • President, XXX Division (Europe) a $300m industrial products business.
Education + Affiliations
BA, Marketing, MBA, Finance

Compensation guide
$350,000 - $500,000
Preferred geography
USA, Europe
Current location
Preferred position

SVP Sales and Marketing/General Manager


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