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A Highly Focused Membership Site for Senior Executives


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Date Published: 2019-07-17

A Highly Focused Membership Site for Senior Executives

Highly focused on senior executives, Altitude Executives charges no fees to potential employers, who must register but who can then advertise and communicate with our members free of charge. Indeed, until we reach critical mass, talent seekers (corporations, private equity firms, non-profits and executive search firms) can tell us the criteria of the type of executive that they are seeking and we will contact them when relevant new members join our site.

We do charge a membership fee to senior executives and this provides a number of benefits:

  • A community of peers: the site is both selective and deliberately limited to the more senior executives. This makes the executives easier to find and makes the potential employers’ task easier.
  • Professionally written profiles: talent seekers who have searched through numerous profiles written by the executives themselves will understand the value of concise, consistently formatted profiles designed to make the reviewers task easier.
  • Up to date information: we will keep the executives’ profiles updated throughout their membership; this benefits the talent seekers who know that they are looking at up to date information.
  • Confidentiality: our profiles are designed to keep our members’ names confidential and we will provide the degree of confidentiality that is comfortable for each executive.
  • Direct communication: a unique email system allows for prospective employers to communicate directly with each member in a way that enables the member to remain anonymous, or not, as they wish.
  • Data, Data, Data: probably the most comprehensive executive search database anywhere, that enables members to email individual executive search professionals in the US and internationally. Also, a growing database of private equity firms.
  • Other resources and services are available now with more to come.

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