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Date Published: 2019-07-15

Altitude Executives

Altitude Executives has evolved from our leadership team's nearly two decades' experience representing senior level executives from the US, the UK and from around the world, who wish to identify and explore new opportunities in the global marketplace, without compromising their current position or breaching their own or their company's confidentiality.

From our many years' experience, and particularly in recent time, it is clear that connecting top level talent with those seeking to hire into (largely unadvertised) positions has become increasingly challenging.

Time is consumed and talent submerged in the blizzard of online jobs, resumes, jobs boards, resume pools - and the inevitable applicant tracking systems (ATS) designed to control the flow. Real talent rarely connects with those who might be really interested because of the challenges of communication - the volumes of data are unmanageable unless filtered. Yet computers are wholly unsuited to assessing the achievements and merits of the most senior level candidates.

Our website is very niche. Geared exclusively to the top executive recruiting marketplace, it provides a number of easy-to-use tools whereby candidates and talent seekers can interact privately and confidentially.

  • For our executive members, we provide copious information on the market - for example, our detailed and fully searchable international directories of executive search and private equity firms. There are jobs boards too, for those on active job hunts. Plus a range of custom services that we can provide as needed - such as resume writing, CV critique, custom marketing and even a concierge service for your networking. All the resources you need, all in one place.
  • For talent seekers, in addition to free advertising on our main jobs board, we offer an easy-to-use company platform - accessible exclusively by the Altitude Executives membership - to set up as you wish, fully branded, a showcase for your company, and an opportunity to advertise to the most focused audience of top executives. When they contact you, our members email you directly via our website and no personal details remain either on our website or yours.

A unique place in the market, Altitude Executives has been developed to provide focus - and confidentiality. No resumes are held on this site. Instead, through this website, we provide an exclusive channel for candidates to connect directly with talent seekers. We write every online profile - a professional document that encompasses the key career information without disclosing identity - and we provide the means for talent seekers to reach out to our members individually, one on one, or collectively, via messages or advertisements.

We look forward to welcoming you.


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