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How Technology Changed the Recruiting Marketplace


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Date Published: 2019-07-07

How Technology Changed the Recruiting Marketplace

Technology has reshaped the recruitment marketplace in many ways. One of the most dramatic changes is the extent to which companies now manage talent acquisition in-house.

Many executive search professionals have crossed the divide and found employment on the 'client side'. A new generation of in-house talent acquisition experts is being schooled in the special skills of online recruiting, data mining, and stalking targets through social media. Perhaps in a future time, this will be how even senior executive talent is best identified, but in the present time it does not work for top talent - because many of the best are simply not visible through these channels.

From our perspective, we see a universe of passive executive job seekers finding it extraordinarily difficult even to know where to start to get noticed, or how to network effectively within the constraints of their current job - where confidentiality is key, and time at a premium. 

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