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Are you Dynamic? Results-driven? Don't get carried away writing your resume


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Date Published: 2015-05-04

Are you Dynamic? Results-driven? Don't get carried away writing your resume

…Bottom-line focused? High Energy? Visionary?….Yes? Great! ………Now, let’s not put those adjectives, or anything close to them when writing your resume or your cover letter.  Why? These are what we refer to as “read-through” words. Why “read-through”? Because we pay no attention to them; because so many people use them they are devalued and meaningless.

Don’t use the valuable real estate that we call a resume to introduce words that have no meaning and which influence no one. It’s all about achievements:  You increased sales significantly? Blah. You increased sales by 30%? Wow! Let’s go for Wow! Even better, you increased sales by 30% and EBITDA by 40%. This shows that you are in charge of the numbers, you have a finger on the pulse, you know what is going on – you are in control. That said, don’t try and blind side a recruiter by leaving out the base numbers. Increasing sales by 400% is great, but not if the base sales level was $10. Common sense rules.

Unquantified statements take up too much space, convince no one, and are not compelling.

You are a General Counsel, a Marketing VP, a CIO – you don’t have numbers to quote? Think again. We all need to demonstrate, as far as we can, that we are not an overhead to be borne by the company but someone that actively contributes to the P&L or shareholder value of the company.

Think numbers. Like pictures, they can save a thousand words. And when your resume should not exceed two pages, a thousand words is important (but that’s another blog).

If you need help in this, call us. It’s what we do.

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