Frequently Asked Questions

‘A Breakthrough in Senior Executive Marketing’

Why is this site different?

Here we try to address the immediate questions, but please feel free to contact us by phone or email if you have further questions about our services or how Altitude Executives might assist you.

Why do you charge the executive and not the employer?

It’s simple. We want them to find you. We deliberately forego fees from employers (we always have) because by providing the service free of charge to employers, we remove any obstacle to their registering with us – no need to authorize any expenditure, no requirement for prior ‘vendor approval’.

Why should I pay to be a member of your site when I can showcase myself on a social network or job site?

There are many good reasons. Here are a few we believe are important.

  1. It is arguably inappropriate for senior executives to “put themselves up for sale” on the Internet. It sends a bad message to employees, employers, shareholders, or other stakeholders.
  2. It is inadvisable and increasingly risky to list any substantive information openly on the internet. This restricts your opportunity for demonstrating the value of your achievements. Through Altitude Executives it is possible to post a detailed ‘teaser’ without disclosing your identity, to receive responses direct to your inbox, and respond to them, without disclosing your identity, and to maintain your control over the flow of information that is provided to specific interested parties.
  3. Unlike any social network or job site, Altitude Executives provides a bespoke service to its members, which includes: a) creating for you a professionally written profile; b) subject to your agreement, actively reaching out to relevant recruiters and prospective employers worldwide, to alert them to your potential availability. (We do this without disclosing your identity, using a short, ‘headline’ profile. If interested, they can link directly to your profile on our website, provided they have registered and been approved.); c) providing you with the means to network with your peers and d) marketing regularly to employers worldwide, drawing them to our website
  4. Altitude Executives provides you with the ability to network anonymously with your peers, anywhere in the world, not just on job-related matters but on any business related topic – subject to a simple code of behaviour designed to benefit and protect the interests of all.
  5. Altitude Executives limits its membership to the top strata of executives –the highest concentration of senior executive talent to be found anywhere on the internet. You will not be lost in a crowd.
  6. Every Member showcased on this site has been subject to our rigorous selection process and every profile is created through our personal interaction with the individual. This is a screening process – conducted by humans and not software – which is unique in the online marketplace – and which, as a result, attracts recruiters of top level talent.
  7. Unlike most networks and job sites, we do not charge employers/recruiters at any stage, because we want them to find you. Our commitment to Members is to provide an opportunity to network with a relevant group, discreetly, effectively, and without detriment to their personal brand.
I am required to upload my résumé/CV. Why is this not available to Registered Employers?

Because you control who receives your résumé/CV. A Registered Employer is able, through our site, to request the document directly from you. You decide what information you give them, and if necessary, we can even respond on your behalf initially, if you have any concerns about the nature of the enquiry.

Will you write a résumé for me? If so, how much does it cost?

Yes, we can write a résumé for you, if requested. We are happy to create a new one or simply update/improve the one you have. The cost is tailored to the amount of work involved – and we can estimate this once we have seen the materials you are able to provide when you request a quote. Please contact us.

How can I be sure my email address is protected when I reply to enquiries from your website?

Your email address, provided upon application, serves as your member login. All correspondence conducted through our networking domain, when you use this email address, will automatically convert your personal address into your anonymized email address. You do not need to be logged into our site – the domain will do this automatically. If, for any reason, you use a different email address, your email will be ignored by the system. It will not reach the intended recipient.

How much information will I receive about the person who is contacting me?

All emails sent or received via our system will show Altitude Executives as the sender name, and the word Employer or Executive will be displayed in the subject field and the email body. You will know an Employer by the Company name and Contact Person name, which are shown in the Subject field of their email (it is not possible for them to edit this information). You will know an Executive Member by their Reference code, eg EXE0000 (Executive), which will be displayed in the Subject field of their email (and this cannot be edited). There will be a direct link to their profile contained in the body of the email.

Can I join as an Executive Member as well as an Employer?

Yes, you can. The permissions and access are different for Executive Members and Employers, and it is quite possible that you will find it worthwhile to use the site from both perspectives. There is no means of linking one identity with the other, so your identity as an Executive Member remains as discreet as you wish it to be, even if you also register as an Employer.

What is the difference in access and/or permissions for Executive Members and Employers?

As an Executive Member you have access to the full suite of facilities – get listed on our searchable database of Members; network with other Members freely and on any business topic; view and respond directly to advertisements. As an Employer, you would be unable to view the detail of advertisements or messages from other Employers, and unable to respond to them. Your correspondence with Executives is limited to job related topics. You will not be listed in our database and cannot be ‘found’.

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