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Registration is free for employers. Once registered, you will have access to the confidential profiles of our senior executive members. You can contact them directly via their profile - unlimited introductions.

All our members are screened and selected by the Altitude team (not by a computer), to be suitable candidates for $150K+ roles. Our members may not be actively looking for a new role, but nevertheless wish to maintain a discreet presence online with a view to extending their network of contacts.

Whether you are actively looking to fill a role, or simply wish to be aware of qualified candidates, you can advertise or message the group collectively. Advertising is free, and you will receive responses only from Altitude Executives members.

For more targeted services please contact us to learn more.

While we build critical mass, we are happy to assist by alerting you to candidates that we know, who may match your criteria. We have also developed an easy-to-use, employer branded platform where you can showcase your organization, post multiple jobs, promote your brand - all in the password protected members area. Discover or attract .hard to find. executives by inviting them to contact you - the platform provides a dedicated email address for every talent seeker, which ensures contact by Altitude members only, delivered direct to your inbox.

Company email addresses only. Personal emails are not accepted.
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